Elsie is an indie action-platformer filled with rogue-like influences like perma-death, procedurally generated levels, and a wide scope of items and weaponry to make each and every run and unique as possible.

Elsie features a multitude of options when it comes to gameplay and with it’s procedurally generated world creation, the game will never feel the same. Every run is it’s own unique challenge and you’ll be able to craft your experience the way you feel it should be.

Endless Encounters

Every world is filled with unique challenges


Customize your playstyle

With the leveling system, you are able to completely change the way you play the game with moveset alternating abilities


Tons of Items

We’ve designed over 200 different items all with unique properties to make endless opportunities in your runs


Procedural Levels

Rooms and challenges are hand-crafted by our designers and then stitched together to create a unique experience every new run